Simile Buckskin Quality


Ref.: 3550AT-51

1.65 €

To sew: 14,5cm x 9,6cm

Perforated Buckskin elbow patches: the holes around the patch in order to sew them, this patches will make a perfect combination with the clothing where we will apply them: classic and fashionable at the same time.

Using: Reinforce, repair or customize the elbow zone of your tracksuit or jerseys with these paches that transmit a natural elegance thanks to the imitation buckskin, since this is a very used material in high fashion, and this option will allow you using this article in an easy way.

Touch: the softness of this buckskin imitation is an elegant and comfortable fabric that can be used in daily, in the office, meetings or university.

It includes the thermoadhesive formule RIZAAL® and, a part from the instructions on the back of the packaging in order to iron on the patches, you can then finalise the labour by sewing the patches.

Presentation: two pieces per pack.

To sew standard size: 14,5cm x 9,6cm

Color: 51 Beige