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Houndstooth Black and White

Ref.: 2600H-01

2.42 €

Black Houndstooth

13,9cm x 9,3cm.

Traditional Houndstooth: offering the traditional color combining black and White, repeating the abstract figures that remind us the houndstooth with the 4 peaks.

Using: This article will allow you wearing the plain clothing like skirts or bluses in a comfortable way, giving an original touch according to the Winter Collection 2019/2020 in case that the clothing has a hole in the elbow zone.

Touch: soft and tissued

Patches include thermoadhesive application from RIZAAL® to be ironed on and the instructions for use in the packaging.

Presentation: two pieces per pack.

Medium size: 13,9cm x 9,3cm.

Colour: 01 – Houndstooth black and white


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