Jogging Quality


Ref.: 2600CH-08

1.48 €

13,9cm X 9,3cm.

Knee and/or elbow patches from RIZAAL® in tracksuit quality for school or sport clothing, although its comfortability allows us a general use. 

Using: We recommend its use to cover any hole located in the knee zone of your children trousers or elbow zones, keeping the lightness and agility of this clothing.

Touch: polyester/cotton with sintethic fabrics, combined with the plush composition in order to keep the softly of the material.

Patches include thermoadhesive application from RIZAAL® to be ironed on and the instructions for use in the packaging.

Presentation: two pieces per pack.

Medium size: 13,9cm x 9,3cm.

Colour: 08 Navy

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