Chunky Knit Cuffs


Ref.: 1500-00

5.01 €

Two Cuffs 7 cm X 8,5 cm ≈

Cuffs replacement: MS. PUPPET collection also includes the cuffs and waistband ready-made in order to replace them in your jackets, jerseys or tricot t-shirts. With them you will be able to reuse and recycle your cloting, as well as saving money in clothing. Or simply, you can give a funny and unique touch at your clothing.

Using: Repair or modify the cuffs, with any of the 19 colours available of any clothing that you want to customize. You only have to sew them with your sewing machine.

Fabric: soft, thick, elastic and resistant.

Quality: 100% acrylic.

Presentation: two cuffs

Color detail: 1500 color 00 white