Kit to Customized

Blue and Pink flowers

Ref.: 1070

6.02 €

KIT customize your clothing RIZAAL®: repair or customize your trousers in an easy, original and different way with this set.

Using: applying the thermoadhesive around the hole and the selected fabric over, you will be able to repair your trousers with this fashion set in which we combine blue and pink flowers. Together with the thermoadhesive formule from RIZAAL® you will be able to apply them with the iron on easily.

Presentation: two fantasy fabrics 15cm x 20cm + 12cm x 45cm of thermoadhesive application in order to add the fabrics.

Strenght on the life of your clothing in an original way with this set, using instructions in the back of the packaging.

Design: 1070 Blue and Pink flowers

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