5.88 €

Big: 9,2cm x 13,7cm

Garment Guard RIZAAL:

The self-adhesive patch that creates a barrier between the armpit and the garment. As simple as a 100% cotton “self- adhesive” patch which you discreetly attach to the inside of the garment to create a barrier between the armpit and the garment and protect it from typical stains.


This article used with hot weather in order to wear your t-shirts and avoid sweat stain.

Using: in order to avoid sweat stain and guarantee the durability of your clothing, we recommend you using Garment Guard from RIZAAL® that is used in the armit zone.

Featuressoft, 100% cotton, for only one use and without need ot iron on.

Quality guarantee from RIZAAL  and the using instructions in the back of the packaging.

Presentation: 5 pairs, enought quanitty for 5 usages.

Big size: 9,2cm x 13,7cm

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